Tour Operator Professional

Tour Operator Professional

  • Increase sales by targeting niche markets
  • Hit upon major travel suppliers
  • Tangibalize the intangible tourism service
  • Give value added services
  • Motivate your employees
  • Partner with your customers
  • Write, present and negotiate… professionally
  • Grow constantly your business

Integrated Communication Skills

Integrated Communication Skills

The art and science of generating great presentations, the guidance for writing all the most common types of business documents and correspondence , the actual causes of problems and corrective actions, and the very core of what you and companies need to do to negotiate the way to success.

Service Marketing & Mgmnt.

Service Marketing & Mgmnt.

Service and goods industries spend large sums of money on marketing and advertising their services with the intention of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. This money is wasted if staff fails to provide the level of customer service needed to make a vital impact on the purchase and repurchase decisions of customers. Competing solely on the basis of product or price is not sufficient. Companies usually fail to understand that customer service management entails processes that permeate the whole company from human resource manager, to the marketing and sales manager to the accounting and IT departments and so on. Most companies are not taking benefits of aspects as channel, time and stress management and self-service technology (SST) that can cut tremendous costs, problem solving, contact management programs in relation to customer relation management (CRM), effective and efficient marketing and sales strategies, systems to improve staff performance, cross training and empowerment, servicescapes…. All of these major productive topics are provided in this one package!

Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling

Customers want to buy from someone who cares about their needs. Obtaining new customers and retaining present ones are the main challenges of salespeople. The latter must use the sale process in a strategic sequence: from planning, prospecting and the approach, to closing and follow up of customers through service for life!

Selling Cruises

Selling Cruises

  • Cruise Terminology
  • The Geography of cruising
    • Cruising Middle East. Cruising Europe. Cruising the Rest of the World.
  • The Cruise Industry, Unlimited Opportunities
    • Cruise commissions, large and generous
  • Major cruise lines
  • 13 reasons why people cruise
    • Cost comparison cruises vs. land based vacations
  • The Cruise Fleet
    • The Luxury Cruises
    • Specialty Cruises
  • Cruise Prices
  • Nuts and bolts of a cruise reservation
  • Critical reservation incidents
  • Objections to purchase
  • Deck Plan Pros/Cons
  • The pre-, post-, and off-ship cruise experience
  • Cruise marketing, groups and incentives

Integral Management

Integral Management

You are in the environs of positive and practical approaches to work properly with people, to develop and empower them in their jobs. People can perform more working together than they can achieve alone. Organizational objectives are only met by combining and coordinating those human, physical and financial resources. You will be in a prime position by means of integral management!


Space Tourism

Space Tourism

International Space Station, Pioneers in space tourism, suborbital flights, circumlunar flights, survival training, etc. …

Customs and Cultures

Customs and Cultures


India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica...





Instant training modules where our valuable customers can pick

any of the below and more based on their needs and hence

books are provided and being trained on/facilitated in around

2 Hrs for every Module.

Fasten Your Seatbelt!

• Business Writing Skills

• Customer-Focused Selling

• Customer Service

• Effective Listening Skills

• How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

• Interpersonal Communication

• Professionalism at Work

• Selling all -Inclusive Resorts

• Business Planning

• Cultural Diversity

• Employee Training and Development

• Financial Planning

• Goal Setting and Motivation

• Hosting Independent Contractors

• Impact of Technology

• Making Presentations

• Managing Change

• Selling Escorted Vacations

• Selling Special Interest Travel

• Selling Travel Insurance

• Teamwork

• Time Management


• Touring the World

• Understanding Customer Needs

• Managing Conflict

• Marketing Strategies

• Negotiating for Mutual Gain

• Risk Management

• Planning Itineraries

• Service Fees

• Supplier Relations….etc.


ABC(Applied Business Cases)

ABC(Applied Business Cases)



• Selling Skills

• Service Skills

• Marketing Skills

• Communication Skills

• Management Skills….

Case 1: Servicescapes

Case 2: Referrals

Case 3: Dealing with complaints

Case 4: Proficient Prospecting

Case 5: Business contact approaches

Case 6: Business Benefits

Case 7: Sale Persuasive Communication

Case 8: Marketing Research

Case 9: Competition Knowledge

Case 10: 9P Marketing Mix and Strategy

Case 11: Sensory Marketing

Case 12: Visual Communication

Case 13: Listening Skills

Case 14: Telephone Skills

Case 15: Email Etiquette

Case 16 Achieving Emphasis

Case 17: Team Negotiation

Case 18: Time Management

Case 19: 3 Main Managerial Must-Haves

Case 20: Creativity Pillars


Well-Being Travel Specialist

Well-Being Travel Specialist

According to a recent study, health and wellness travel accounts for $106 billion in travel sales. The Well-Being Travel Specialist course (The Travel Institute) will show you how to boost your profits by capitalizing on this emerging niche market.

This new online course was developed in partnership with Well-Being Travel as well as six carefully-selected sponsors, all purposefully chosen for their strong ties to the health, wellness and medical travel niche: Companion Global Healthcare, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Healing Hotels of the World, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and Greater Fort Lauderdale.

The course is divided into the following three modules:

Module 1: Selling Health and Wellness Vacations
Module 2: Selling Medical Travel
Module 3: How to Market Health, Wellness and MedicalVacations
Topics covered in the course include wellness vacations including resorts, spas and cruises; the wellness/health vacation market; executive check-ups; and travel that involves medical procedures.